Who We Are:

Red Medical Solutions, Inc. was born with the belief that quality and reliable Imaging equipment should be accessible and affordable, We offer accessibility to newer technology without the huge price tag.

With over 15 years combined experience, our team of trained professionals can help you choose the piece of equipment best suited for your facility and your patients.

We challenge ourselves everyday to put our company’s core values first, to maintain customer satisfaction, and to always increase our client portfolio.

Services we offer:

  • Sale / Purchase of Medical Equipment machines
  • Export Crating
  • Parts, Exchange or Outright
  • Domestic Insured Transportation
  • Equipment Inspection
  • De-Installations
  • Re-Installations

On-Call Service and Service Contracts

What We Do:

We distribute Medical Imaging solutions to medical facilities, Dealers as well as re-sellers all over the world.  Our product list includes: CT Scanners, MRI Scanners, C Arms and Cath Labs, Analog and Digital Mammography units, Ultrasounds, X-ray and Fluoro Rooms, from recognized brands like GE, Toshiba, Samsung, Philips, Siemens, Hologic and many more.

With a wide provider’s network, located in U.S.A, Europe, and Asia we can assure you, we will find what you need.   Along with that, Red Medical Solutions, Inc. has grown one of the worlds largest networks of Certified, Insured Engineers and Dealers to provide a wider range of services to our clients after purchase.